About Us

Glo Confidence is an All-Natural Organic and Vegan Health and Beauty Brand. We specialize in providing healing and restorative health conscious solutions to enhance your hair and skin health. Our goal is to equip you and your whole household with an effective and all natural solution that will boost your confidence and help embrace your natural beauty. 

Our founder and CEO, Audrey, received this vision from the Lord when she was struggling and dealing with her own hair health and growth issues related to dry scalp and hair, excessive shedding and stunted growth. You can imagine how that affected her confidence.

After much prayers, hundreds of hours of research and seeking God for a life changing formula, the Glo Confidence Hair Growth Serum was birthed. She couldn't keep this secret to herself as people around her dealt with similar issues, if not worse. She remembers the Lord saying "why don't you be a blessing to the world as I have helped you?" 

Got healthy hair and skincare goals? JOIN our Glo Tribe TODAY and you won't be disappointed!